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Papers and Reports. DIRF through its research base has published many papers on digital information literacy, digital information content, ICT, web content management etc.


Digitization Phases

The digital conversion and digital archiving of data and information is significant for effective exploitation of information resources. Many digital conversion practices. More...


Sixth International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM 2012)

Macau, August 22-24, 2012


The Fifth International Conference on 'Networked Digital Technologies' (NDT 2013), to be notified


The Second International Conference on the Innovative Computing Technology (INTECH 2012), September 11-13, 2012, Morocco .


Eighth International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM 2012), Islamabad






Journal of Digital Information Management
International Journal of Web Applications
International Journal of Computational Linguistics Research
International Journal of Information Studies
Journal of E-Technology
Journal of Networking Technology
Journal of Information Technology Review
Journal of Information Security Research
Journal of Intelligent Computing
Journal of Multimedia Processing and Technologies

Journal of Data Processing

Journal of Information Organization

Journal of Electronic Systesm

Electronic Devices

Progress in Computing Applications

Signals and Telecommunication Progress


DIRF Journals

Journal of Information & Systems Management


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