Accepted Papers Submission Process

Please do the following when you send the camera ready paper.

STEP 1: Revise your paper(s) according to the reviewers' comments.
STEP 2: See  for formatting guidelines
STEP 3: Send the camera ready paper to (before June 20, 2008)
STEP 4: Send fully-completed signed copyright form (Word, PDF) by fax
+91 44 42101677 or by email to (before June 20, 2008)
STEP 5: Register for the Conference and send an email to  to confirm your registration submission (before
July 07, 2008
STEP 6: Send a brief professional biography of the author who will
present the paper (Word, PDF) to (before July 15,
STEP 7: Go through the list of near hotels so you can book your room
(DIWT will not provide any hotel reservation service)

An Author kit can be downloaded here (Word)