Keynote Speakers

Professor Tim McIntyre-Bhatty  (The  Deputy Vice Chancellor of University of Bournemouth) UK.

During his career, Professor McIntyre-Bhatty has contributed to the leadership and development of a range of knowledge transfer, consultancy, and income generation projects. He has also been closely engaged in research concerning the match of graduate skills and employer needs in regional labour markets and is committed to a multidisciplinary approach to higher education. His track record extends to successful collaborations at both national and international levels with partners across Europe and in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

At Newport, Professor McIntyre-Bhatty played a leading role in the creation of the new £41m flagship City Campus and led professional engagement and student experience projects both within the School and across the university.

Prof.  Roumiana Tsankova 
Technical University-Sofia,  Bulgaria

Roumiana Tsankova started her professional Experience at the Institute for design of business information systems in Sofia, and then as a researcher and professor at the Technical University of Sofia. Teaching disciplines: Information Technology, Data bases, Knowledge Management, Environmental Information Systems, E-commerce, Internet services and applications, Geographic Information Systems, E-governance.

She led the four international and more than thirty national projects in the field of management information systems and e-learning. Her research interests fields are: Data Modeling, Computer-based Training, Information Systems Modeling (incl. Geographic Information Systems), e-Governance, High Performance Database Systems, Interoperability, Data Mining, Knowledge Management, Heterogeneous Information Integration, Multimedia technologies. She is master degree engineer. She graduated from Technical University at Sofia, specialized data processing at the University of Magdeburg. She has two Phd degrees on Management Information Systems and Management Information Technologies.