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Volume 10   Issue 2       April 2012


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59 Research and Practice of Characteristic Teaching Resources Sharing and Interactive Platform-

Wu Yun

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64 CMCCR: Classification Based on Multiple Class-Correlation Rules-

Zhongmei Zhou, Xuejun Wang, Guiying Pan

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71 Review on Virtual Human’s Affective Model and Related Applied Algorithm-

Zhao Liang

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79 SERCID: A Secure Mechanism for Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks-

Yuxin Mao

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86 Mechanism Analysis of Protocols Based on the FPCPN Model-

Wei Wang

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94 A Feature Points Matching Algorithm Based on Wavelet Analysis-

Wang Lijun, Xu Xin, Xu Guang

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99 An Equivalent Circuit Model for On-chip Inductors with Gradual Changed Structure-

Xi Li, Zheng Ren, Yanling Shi

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104 Story Segmentation of Xinwenlianbo based on Three-level Criterion of Content Analysis-

Ji-chen Yang

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109 A Taxonomic relationship Learning Approach for Log Ontology Content Event-

Sun Ming, Shang Qinghong, Chen Bo

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114 Low Overhead Geometric On-demand Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks-

Chang Su, Lili Zheng, Xiaohai Si, Fengjun Shang

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121 A Constrained Optimization Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Membrane Computing-

Haizhu Chen, Jianyun Lu

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126 A Comparison of Pattern Classification Approaches for Structural Damage Identification-

Zhou Qingqing, Zhou Qifeng, Ning Yongpeng, Yang Fan, Lei Jiayan, Tian Run, Liu Minda

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131 Semantic-Oriented Integration and Simulation-based Analysis Approach for Healthcare Information Systems (HIS)-

Li-li SONG, Jun XIE, Zheng-dong HUANG

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136 Research on Face Recognition Based on Wavelet Transform and PCA-ANN

Wang Yuanzhi, Luo Xiao

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142 Research and Analysis of Improved Extraction Based on Information Processing Technology

Yongqin Wei, Yinjing Guo

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147 Exploration in to Reform in Computer Application Technology Major in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Tripartite Linkage-

Tian Qiming

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Book Review
153 Automatic Identification of Genre in Web Pages: A new perspective (Language: English ISBN-10: 3847306871 ISBN-13: 978-3847306870, Publisher: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing)

Marina Santini

Conference Notification

The Fifth International Conference on the Applications of Digital Information and Web Technologies (ICADIWT 2012)

The Fourth International Conference on Networked Digital Technologies (NDT 2012)

Seventh International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM 2011)


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