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Volume 10   Issue 5  October 2012


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277 Swarm-Robot System Based on Wireless sensor Network-

Jian-sheng PENG, Xing LI, Zhi-qiang QIN,Wei LI

Abstract PDF Full Text (198 kb) 

284 A New Customer Classification Algorithm for Electronic Commerce Enterprises-

Xinwu Li

Abstract PDF Full Text (49 kb) 

289 Real-time Fault-tolerant Scheduling Algorithm for Distributed Computing Systems-

Yun Ling, Yi Ouyang

Abstract PDF Full Text  (172 kb)

295 An Intelligent Communication Path Planning Method of Metallurgical Equipment Multi-Dimensional Information Space-

Junwei Liu, Jianyi Kong, Min Zhou, Xingdong Wang

Abstract PDF Full Text (681 kb) 

301 A Novel method of Data Stream Classification Based on Incremental Storage Tree-

Chonghuan Xu

Abstract PDF Full Text  (1120 kb)

308 Applications of Numerical Calculation in Engineering Design-

Qianzhao Lei

Abstract PDF Full Text  (100 kb)

312 Functional Requirements Analysis-Based Method for Product Platform Design in Axiomatic Design-

Xianfu Cheng

Abstract PDF Full Text  (148 kb)

320 Design of the Fuzzy Intelligent Controller of Air Compressor-

Gong-fa Li, Yuan He

Abstract PDF Full Text  (480 kb)

324 A Survey on Data Migration Management in Cloud Environment-

Liang Hu, Jia Zhao, Gaochao Xu, Yan Ding, Jianfeng Chu

Abstract PDF Full Text  (131 kb)

332 University Teachers’ Performance Appraisals Model Based on DEA and AHP

WangBei, Liu Dongsheng

Abstract PDF Full Text  (75 kb)

341 Risk Evaluation of Rural Financial Organization Operation Based on the BP Neural Network-

Shujiang Fan, Yi Zhao, Honghua Xie, Chuang Li

Abstract PDF Full Text  (84 kb)

Book Review

Conference Notification

• The First International Conference on Future Generation Communication Technologies (FGCT 2012)

•The Eighth International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM 2013)

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