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Volume 11   Issue 1   February 2013


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1 Duopoly Game Models of Water Supply in the Presence of Market Power-

Haishu Lu

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8 A Web-Based Virtual Lab for Accounting Skills Practice-

Guo Xiaomei, Cai Lihuang

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16 The Study on PenduBot Control Linear Quadratic Regulator and Particle Swarm Optimization-

Xu Jianfeng, Song Huzhen

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25 An Approach to Cultivate Talents of Information Management under the Combination of Information and Industrialization-

Liu Fen

Abstract PDF Full Text (99 kb) 

33 Research on Factors Affecting Farmers’ Network Information Consumption-

Hailiang Meng, Xinquan Ge, Mingxia Xie

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40 The Short-term Wind Power Forecast Based on Phase-space Reconstruction and Neural Networks-

Jin-hua Zhang, Yong-qian Liu, De Tian

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46 Study on Current Protection in Distribution Network with Distributed Generation-

Zhu Xue-ling, Liu Jia, Han Fei

Abstract PDF Full Text  (201 kb)

54 An Algorithm of Wavelet Data Compression Based on Wireless Sensor Network-

Luo Xiao

Abstract PDF Full Text  (246 kb)

62 The Research and Realization of Wireless Energy Consumption Detector Based on the Internet of Things-

Wei Fu, Mengling Shui, Yuying Chen and Li Chen

Abstract PDF Full Text  (425 kb)

69 Study on a Robot 3D Laser Radar Information Collection System-

Wei Chen, Jiayi Shen, Jiabin Xue

Abstract PDF Full Text  (491 kb)

76 Hierarchical Clustering Analysis Method Based on the Grid with Obstacle Space-

Shan Donghong,Yang Zhaofeng

Abstract PDF Full Text  (228 kb)

Book Review

Conference Notification

• The Fifth International Conference on the Applications of Digital Information and Web Technologies
(ICADIWT 2013)
• The Eighth International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM 2013)

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