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Volume 11   Issue 2   April 2013


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87 Modeling Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem and its Solution by Genetic Algorithm-

Chunlai Chai

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97 Research on the E-commerce of Agricultural Products in Sichuan Province-

Mu Jiong, Lijia Xu, Qiang Huang, Chaolin Li

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102 Study on Fuzzy Evaluation of Credit Risk of Corporate Bond-

Ouyang Jiazhong, Li Min

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108 Exception Detection for Web Service Composition Using Improved Bayesian Network-

Yao Chen, Shi Ying, Liqiang Zhang, Juebo Wu

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115 High Points Recognition Method of Scraped Surface Based on Background Subtraction-

Xiaopeng Li, Leilei Sun, Yonghong Liu

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120 Structure Optimization of Ladle Bottom Based on Finite Element Method-

Gongfa Li, Zheng Li, Jianyi Kong, Guozhang Jiang, Liangxi Xie

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125 Information Sharing in Supply Chain: A Literature Review-

YANG Zhonghua, ZHANG Ling

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131 Production Procedure Optimization in Iron and Steel Enterprise--

Guozhang Jiang, Enyuan He, Gongfa Li, Jianyi Kong, Liangxi Xie

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136 Vehicle Routing Optimization Problem with Time-windows and its Solution by Genetic Algorithm-

Tinggui Chen, Guanglan Zhou

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146 A Hybrid Method to Deformation Force of High-speed Cold Roll-beating Forming-

Yang Ming-shun, Li Yan, Yuan Qi-long

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154 Regularized Orthogonal Local Fisher Discriminant Analysis-

Shuhua Xu

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160 Algorithm Research for Supply Chain Demand Prediction - Taking Fresh Agricultural Product Enterprises as Example-

He Wang

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165 Optimization and Application of Support Vector Machine Based on SVM Algorithm Parameters-

YAN Hui-feng, WANG Wei-feng, LIU Jie

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Book Review

Observational Calculi and Association Rules Studies in Computational Intelligence Series no. 469 - Jan Rauch, Springer, Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London ISBN: 978-3-643-11736-7

Conference Notification

• The Fifth International Conference on the Applications of Digital Information and Web Technologies
(ICADIWT 2013)
• The Eighth International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM 2013)

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