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Volume 11   Issue 3   June 2013


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175 The Computer Design of Practical Filter-

Zhang Li, Zhang Weixi

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179 Fair Virtual Bandwidth Allocation Model in Virtual Data Centers-

Ying Yuan, Cui-rong Wang, Cong Wang

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184 A Novel Fault Identifying Method with Supervised Classification and Unsupervised Clustering-

Tao Xu

Abstract PDF Full Text  (134 kb)

190 Design of a Teaching Robot based on Fischertechnik Model-

Zelun Li, Zhicheng Huang

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194 Study of Methods for Constructing Families of Odd-periodic Perfect Complementary Sequence Pairs-

Jin Hui-long Chen Jia-xing

Abstract PDF Full Text  (57 kb)

197 Parameters Selection in the Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Solving Gate and Runway Combinational Optimization Problem-

Jianli Ding, Yong Zhang

Abstract PDF Full Text  (205 kb)

202 Research on the Anti-perspective Correction Algorithm of QR Barcode-

Jianhua Li, Yi-Wen Wang, YiJun Wang,Yi Chen, Guocheng Wang

Abstract PDF Full Text  (118 kb)

207 Fault Prediction of Nonlinear System Using Time Series Novelty Estimation-

Shengchao Su, Wei Zhang

Abstract PDF Full Text  (98 kb)

213 Spanning Tree Method for Minimum Communication Costs In Grouped Virtual MapReduce Cluster-

Yang Yang, Xiang Long, Biaobiao Shi

Abstract PDF Full Text  (293 kb)

220 A Diversity-based Multi-antenna Cooperative Detection Model in Cognitive Radio Network-

Qin Zhenquan, Liu Wenjing, Jiang Huizhen, Sun Weifeng

Abstract PDF Full Text  (81 kb)

227 Augmented Broadcaster Identity-based Broadcast Encryption-

Jianhong Zhang, Yuwei Xu, Zhipeng Chen

Abstract PDF Full Text  (92 kb)

235 The Statistical Analysis of Family Names of Donators For WenChuan-

Liu Yufan, Chen Qinghua

Abstract PDF Full Text  (103 kb)

240 Robust Zero-Watermarking Algorithm for CAD Models-

Nan Liu, Sanyuan Zhang, Yin Zhang

Abstract PDF Full Text  (58 kb)

248 Algorithm of Distributed Mining Community Structure Used in Sports Psychology Based on Local Information-

Cui Sidong

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Book Review

Observational Calculi and Association Rules Studies in Computational Intelligence Series no. 469, Jan Rauch, Springer, ISBN: 978-3-643-11736-7

Conference Notification

• The Fifth International Conference on the Applications of Digital Information and Web Technologies
(ICADIWT 2013)
• The Eighth International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM 2013)

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