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Volume 11   Issue 5   October 2013


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321 Application of Finite Volume Method for Solving Two-dimensional Navier Stokes Equations-

Jian Ni, Xifei Wei

Abstract PDF Full Text (58 kb) 

327 The Research of Algorithm for Data Mining Based on Fuzzy Theory-

Wang Aimin, Li Jie

Abstract PDF Full Text (104 kb) 

335 The Research on Giant Complex System using Intelligent Decision Support System-

Li Jie, Wang Aimin

Abstract PDF Full Text  (77 kb)

342 Modeling and Simulation of DIGSILENT-based Micro-grid System-

Zhang Yang, Zhu Xueling, Li Qiang, Liu Tonghe

Abstract PDF Full Text (122 kb) 

352 A New Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm with Space Zoomed Factor and Gravity Attractor-

Deyu Tang, Jin Yang

Abstract PDF Full Text  (254 kb)

359 Research on Cluster Analysis of High Dimensional Space Based on Fuzzy Extension-

YShan Donghong, Li WeiYao

Abstract PDF Full Text  (153 kb)

366 Investigating a New Design Pattern for Efficient Implementation of Prediction Algorithms-

Arpad Gellert, Adrian Florea

Abstract PDF Full Text  (76 kb)

378 Improved Image Fusion Algorithm for Detecting Obstacles in Forests-

Lei Yan, Zheng Yu, Ning Han, Jinhao Liu

Abstract PDF Full Text  (446 kb)

385 Tuning of PID Controller for Air Conditioning Unit Based on Adaptive Genetic Algorithm-

Yu-ting Zhou, Jian-bin Nie, Ning Han, Deying Li , Chen Chen

Abstract PDF Full Text  (85 kb)

390 Digital Information Facial Recognition Based on PCA and Its Improved Algorithm-

Hai-feng Zhu

Abstract PDF Full Text  (622 kb)

366 Orchestrating the Natural Language Processing Software in the Cloud Computing Environment-

Dmitry Ustalov, Mikhail Goldshtein

Abstract PDF Full Text  (78 kb)

Book Review

Aaron Swartz’s A Programmable Web: An Unfinished Work,Aaron Swartz, ISBN: 9781627051699

Conference Notification

• The Second International Conference on Future Generation Communication Technologies
(FGCT 2012)

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