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Volume 11   Issue 6   December 2013


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383 Bibliometrical Analysis on the Big Data Research in China-

Yang Ruixian

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391 The Modeling of Genetic and Tabu Search Algorithm Based BP Neural Network in the Risk Analysis of Investment-

Liu Yang, Ding Yunlong

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400 Segmentation Strategies for Passage Retrieval from Internet Video using Speech Transcripts-

Christian Wartena

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409 Study on Computer Audit Based on OLAP Technology-

Tong Yanjun

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418 Research on Digital Library Personalized Information Service Model Based on Agent Model-

Cao Jing,Liu Min,Cao Lijun

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423 Secure Digital Certificate Design Based on the RSA Algorithm-

Yunsheng Zhong

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430 Research on the Service Modeling Method of Information Management Software based on the Petri Net Model-

Rui Sun, Xiaoyan Wang

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435 Differential Evolution for Rule Extraction and Its application in Recognizing Oil Reservoir-

Jin-ling Li, Hai-xiang Guo, Ke-jun Zhu, De-yun Wang, Jing-lu Hu

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441 Research on Transmission Based on Collaboration Coding in WSNs-

LV Xiao-xing, ZHANG Bai-hai

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446 Security Analysis and Evaluation of Random Linear Network coding under Wiretapping Attack-

LV Xiaoxing, ZHANG Baihai

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453 Robustness Analysis of Social Network based on a Dynamic Model-

Haitao Wu, Shi Ying, Xiangyang Jia, Liqiang Zhang, Xu Chen

Abstract PDF Full Text  (102 kb)

462 A Leakage Monitoring System of Pipeline in Heating Network-

Yang Xianliang, Jia Lianlian, Wang Songling

Abstract PDF Full Text  (111 kb)

470 Rotation Invariant Texture Image Retrieval Based on Log-Polar and NSCT

Bing Xu, Zhende Li, Shiyi Xie

Abstract PDF Full Text  (1210 kb)

476 A Novel RFID Authentication Protocol with Ownership Transfer-

Dong Sun, Dan Liu

Abstract PDF Full Text  (67 kb)

482 Research on an Adaptive Algorithm of Service Selection in Pervasive Computing-

Liu Wei, Zhao Lanfei, Deng Jianqiang

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Book Review

Observational Calculi and Association Rules,Jan Rauch, Springer, ISBN: 978-3-643-11736-7

Conference Notification

• The Second International Conference on Future Generation Communication Technologies (FGCT 2012)

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