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Volume 12   Issue 1   February 2014


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1 Adaptive Fuzzy PID Control for Servo Motor Direct-drive Pump Control System-

ZHENG Jian-ming, HE Meng-jie, Liu Er-dong, Yuan Qi-long, Xiao Ji-ming, Tang Ao-fei

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8 The Influence of Government Intervention on Logistics Enterprise’s Adoption of Information Technology-

Liang Xiao, Xinlong Ma

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18 The Performance Evaluation of University Scientific Research Project Management Based on the FAHP

Wang Bei, Liu Dongsheng

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26 Study on College Student Credit Evaluation and Prediction Based on RF Algorithm-

Jiong Mu, Lijia Xu, Haibo Pu

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31 Tensor Graph-optimized Linear Discriminant Analysis-

Jianjun Chen

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36 Resolving Rule Conflicts Based on Naïve Bayesian Model for Associative Classification-

Zaixiang Huang, Zhongmei Zhou, Tianzhong He

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44 Implementing and Evaluating a Smart-M3 Platform-based Multi-vendor Micropayment System Pilot in the Context of Small Business-

Anna Rohunen, Matti Eteläperä, Kari Liukkunen, Tero Tulppo, Kai Wen Chan

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52 An Adaptive Trust Metric Allowing CRM Operators to Protect Sensitive Data During Interaction in Online Social Media-

Sophie Wrobel, Marcel Heupel, Simon Thiel

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Book Review

Mobile Platform Security, N. Asokan, Lucas Davi, Morgan & Claypool, ISBN: 9781627050975 paperback- ISBN: 9781627050982

Conference Notification

• Ninth International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM 2014)
• Fourth International Conference on Innovative Computing Technology

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