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Volume 12   Issue 2   April 2014


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67 Research on the Application of SIFT Algorithm in UAV Remote Sensing Image Feature Extraction

Debao Yuan, Ximin Cui, Wangyang Xu, Xueqian, Hong, Shiwei YU

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73 Soft-404 Pages, A Crawling Problem

Víctor M. Prieto, Manuel Álvarez, Fidel Cacheda

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93 Acupuncture System Based on Computer Techniques and Database Diagnosis

Sheng-li Pei

Abstract PDF Full Text  (149 kb)

102 A SEIR Model Epidemic of Virus on the Online Social Network

Yang Min, Li Qianmu, Song Yaoliang

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108 Evaluation Model for Internet Cloud Data Structure Audit System

Wang Fan

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114 Research on Ontology Construction and Information Extraction Technology Based on WordNet

Hu Hua

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120 Research on Analysis of Factors Influencing Terrestrial Transmission Efficiency of Satellite Data Files

Zhang Jing

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126 CAMPSNA: A Cloud Assisted Mobile Peer to Peer Social Network Architecture

Yuan-ni Liu Hong Tang, Guo-feng Zhao

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133 Analysis of Information Management and Scheduling Technology in Hadoop

Ma Weihua, Zhang Hong, Li Qianmu, Xia Bin

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139 An Indirect Security Trust Method Based on Credibility Evaluation

Wei Xianghe, Zhang Hong, Liu Zhen, Li Qianmu, Xia Bin

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151 Research on Application of Image Encryption Technology Based on Chaotic of Cellular Neural Network

Guo - dong Li, Guo - min Zhao, Wen - xia Xu, Sheng - zhuo Yao

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Book Review

Mobile Platform Security, N. Asokan, Lucas Davi, Morgan & Claypool, ISBN: 9781627050975 paperback- ISBN: 9781627050982

Conference Notification

• Ninth International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM 2014)
• Fourth International Conference on Innovative Computing Technology

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