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Volume 13 Issue 1 February 2015


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1 A Novel Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Network Clustering -

Zhaoxing Li, Lile,He, Ze Li, Yunrui Li

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10 An Efficient RFID Data Cleaning Method Based on Wavelet Density Estimation -

Yaozong LIU, Hong ZHANG, Fawang HAN, Jun TAN

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15 An Improved Classification Scheme with Adaptive Region Growing and Wishart Classification Algorithm for Digital Images -

Jun Chen, Peijun Du, Kun Tan, Borjer T. H.

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25 Denoising and Segmentation of Digital Feather Image Using Mean Shift Algorithm

Hongwei YUE, Ken CAI, Bing LUO, Yingying JIN, Zhaofeng ZENG

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31 Study on The 3D Information Reconstruction and Management of Cultural Relics Based on the Articulated Arm Scanner -

Xue-dong Zhang, Miao-le Hou, Yun-yang Hu, Xiang-qian Zhang, Yu-hua Wu

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39 WSN - Based Indoor Location Identification System (LIS) Applied to Vision Robot Designed By Fuzzy Neural Network-

Yi-Jen Mon

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45 DynMapNoCSIM : A Dynamic Mapping SIMULATOR for Network on Chip based MPSoC -

Mohammed Kamel Benhaoua, AmitKumar Singh, Abou El Hassan Benyamina, Pierre Boulet

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55 A Semantic Approach to Enhance HITS Algorithm for Extracting Associated Concepts using ConceptNet-

Madhat Alsoos, Ammar Kheirbek

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Book Review

Privacy in Social Networks, Elena Zheleva, Evimaria Terzi and Lise Getoor Morgan & Claypool Publishers. ISBN: 9781608458622

Conference Notification

• Fifth International Conference on Innovative Computing Technology (INTECH 2015)
• Fourth International Conference on Future Generation Communication Technologies (FGCT 2015)
• First International Conference on Data and Communication for Science, Technology and Society (ICDCST 2015)

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