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Volume 13   Issue 3   June 2015


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137 Computer Graphics Algorithm Based on Visualization Teaching Theory-

Fangzheng Wang

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142 Optimization of Reconstruction of 2D Medical Images Based on Computer 3D Reconstruction Technology-

Shuqin Liu, Jinye Peng

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147 Cloud-based Government Procurement Information Integration Platform-

P.Y. Wang, J. Shen, W.Q. Guo, C. Zhang, B. Zhang

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156 Sina Weibo Incident Monitor and Chinese Disaster Microblogging Classification-

Hua Bai , Xunguo Lin, Bella Robinsion, Robert Power

Abstract PDF Full Text (926 kb) 

162 Clustering Research across Tibetan and Chinese Texts-

G. X. Xu, W. Sun, X. P. Peng

Abstract PDF Full Text  (770 kb)

169 A Feature Selection Method to Handle Imbalanced Data in Text Classification -

Fengxiang Chang, Jun Guo, Weiran XU, Kejun Yao

Abstract PDF Full Text  (325 kb)

176 Do Online Recommendations Matter? – A Multimodal Investigation of Amazon’s Co-Purchase Network-

Hsuanwei Michelle Chen

Abstract PDF Full Text  (858 kb)

185 Influence of Information Technology on College Piano Course Teaching Model-

Yue Jin

Abstract PDF Full Text  (277 kb)

190 A Basic Comparative Framework for Evaluation of Digital Identifier Systems-

Hamid Reza Khedmatgozar, Mehdi Alipour-Hafezi

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Book Review

Privacy in Social Networks, Elena Zheleva, Evimaria Terzi and Lise Getoor Morgan & Claypool Publishers. ISBN: 9781608458622

Conference Notification

• Fourth International Conference on Future Generation Communication Technologies (FGCT 2015)
• Tenth International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM 2015)

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