Volume 13   Issue 4   August 2015


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  Editorial – Fatos Xhafa, Jin Li
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203 A 3D Audio Augmented Reality System for a Cultural Heritage Management and Fruition-

Daniela D’Auria, Dario Di Mauro, Davide Maria Calandra, Francesco Cutugno


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210 Differential Evolution Enhanced with Composite Population Information Based Mutation Operators-

Jingliang Liao, Yiqiao Cai, Yonghong Chen, Tian Wang, Hui Tian


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224 A Malicious Peers Detection Framework for Peer-to-Peer Systems-

Xianglin Wei, Jianhua Fan, Tongxiang Wang, Qiping Wang


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234 Implementation and Evaluation of Division-based Broadcasting System for Webcast –

Yusuke Gotoh, Akihiro Kimura


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247 DTLS for Lightweight Secure Data Streaming in the Internet of Things-

Roy Fisher, Gerhard Hanck


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256 Providing Mobile Traffic Analysis As-a-service: Design of a Service-based Infrastructure to Offer High-accuracy Traffic Classifiers Based on Hardware Accelerators –

Mario Barbareschi, Alessandra De Benedictis


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266 The Research of Scale-free Sensor Network Topology Evolution Based on Cloud Computing-

Yueshun He, Wei Zhang, Nan Jiang, Lihua Li, Xiaoyan Luo


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276 The Wavelength Division Multiplexing Passive Optical Network- Breakpoint Precision Detection System Based Broadband Chaos Light-

Zou Dan, Zhang YueJin


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286 Construction and Application of Teaching File Management System in Institutions of Higher Learning Based on OpenKM-

Hua Deng


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291 Tacit Knowledge Spreading Based on Knowledge Spreading Model on Networks with Consideration of Intention Mechanism-

Hong-Miao ZHU, Sheng-Tai ZHANG, Yong-Yun ZHANG, Feifei WANG, Kenzhong-LIU


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298 A Hybrid Method to Extract Triggers in Biomedical Events-

Xiaomei WEI, Qin ZHU, Chen LYU, Kai REN, Bo CHEN


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Letters to Editor
304 Paper Hijacking: Hijackers are Attacking Journals for Hijacking Unpublished Papers
Book Review

Privacy in Social Networks, Elena Zheleva, Evimaria Terzi and Lise Getoor Morgan & Claypool Publishers. ISBN: 9781608458622

Conference Notification

• Fourth International Conference on Future Generation Communication Technologies (FGCT 2015)
• Tenth International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM 2015)