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Volume 4 Issue 1    Online February 2006    Print March 2006

1  Web Services Practices
         Ajith Abraham, Jen-Yao Chung,  Sangyong Han
 PDF Full Text  (104 kb)
4  HyperMap: A System to Map the Web
         Célia Ghedini Ralha, José Carlos Loureiro Ralha
 Abstract PDF Full Text   (480 kb)
11  The Designing of Web Services to Deliver Web Documents Associated with
 Historical Links
         David Chao, Sam Gill
 AbstractPDF Full Text  (158 kb)
16  Creating Dependable Web Services Using User-transparent Replica
         Markus Hillenbrand, Joachim Götze, Paul Müller
 AbstractPDF Full Text (301 kb)
22  Automatic and Flexible Web Services Discovery in Semantic Web
         Liuming Lu, Jiaxun Chen, Guojin Zhu
   AbstractPDF Full Text (120 kb)
26 A Dynamic Priority Allocation Scheme of Messages for Differentiated
Web Services Satisfying Service Level Agreement


Dongjoon Kim, Sangkyu Lee, Ajith Abraham, Sangyong Han

AbstractPDF Full Text (278 kb)
32  Hybrid Storage Scheme for RDF Data Management in Semantic Web
   Sung Wan Kim
         AbstractPDF Full Text (265 kb)
37  Applying AOP Concepts to Increase Web Services Flexibility
   Mehdi Ben Hmida, Ricardo Ferraz Tomaz, Valérie Monfort
         AbstractPDF Full Text (203 kb)
44  A Model for the Aggregation of QoS in WS Compositions
 Involving Redundant Services
   Michael C. Jaeger,  Hendrik Ladner
         AbstractPDF Full Text (300 kb)
50  RDF-based Peer-to-Peer Based Ontology Editing
         Peter Becker, Peter Eklund, Natalyia Roberts
   AbstractPDF Full Text (398 kb)
 56  TWSO – Transactional Web Service Orchestrations
   Peter Hrastnik, Werner Winiwarter
         AbstractPDF Full Text (201 kb)
63  Semantic indexing and hyperlinking of multimedia news: the RitroveRAI System
 Roberto Basili, Marco Cammisa, Emanuele Donati, Alessandro Moschitti
 AbstractPDF Full Text (939 kb)


A Hybrid Model to Improve Relevance in Document Retrieval  

Tanveer J. Siddiqui, Umashanker Tiwary 
AbstractPDF Full Text   (361 kb)


Continuously Evaluating Approximate Similarity Search on High Dimensional Data Stream

Weiping Wang, Jianzhong Li, Chunyu Ai , Shengfei Shi

Abstract  PDF Full Text    (264 kb) 


Self Organizing Sensors by Minimization of Cluster Heads Using Intelligent Clustering

Kwangcheol Shin, Ajith Abraham, Sang Yong Han
Abstract   |  PDF Full Text   (358 kb)
Book Review


Wireless Information Highways

Dimitrios Katsaros, Alexandros Nanopoulos, Yannis Manolopoulos
PDF Full Text 


Data Mining with Computational Intelligence

Lipo Wang, Xiuju Fu
 PDF Full Text   


Peer-to-Peer Computing

Ramesh Subramanian and Brian D Goodman
PDF Full Text 
Conference and Special Issue Notification


Web Information Retrieval - Special Issue  

96 First International Conference on Digital Information Management - ICDIM 2006
97-98 I-Society 2006, Multimedia Semantics - 2006, SITIS 2006

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