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Volume 7  Issue 5       October  2009


261 In This Issue
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262 Addressing the Challenge of Managing Large-scale Digital Multimedia Libraries
        Cathal Gurrin, Tjalve Aarflot, Sorin Sav, Dag Johansen
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271 Implementation of a Chain Ontology Based Approach in the Health Care Sector

Esraa Omran, Albert Bokma, Shereef Abu Al-Maati, David Nelson

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277 Detecting Phishing Websites: On the Effectiveness of Users’ Tips
        Abdullah Alnajim, Malcolm Munro

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Deriving the Impact of Scientifi c Publications by Mining Citation Opinion Terms

Sofia Stamou, Nikos Mpouloumpasis, Lefteris Kozanidis
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Enabling Automatic Just-in-time Evaluation of In-class Discussions in On-line Collaborative Learning Practices

        Santi Caballé, Ŕgata Lapedriza, David Masip, Fatos Xhafa, Ajith Abraham
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Web Architectural-Inducing Model (WA-IM) for Information Architecture in Cultural Context: An Empirical Investigation

Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Mohd Isa, Nor Laila Md Noor , Shafie Mehad
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306 Machine Learning based Work Task Classification

Michael Granitzer, Andreas S. Rath, Mark Kröll, Christin Seifert, Doris Ipsmiller, Didier Devaurs, Nicolas Weber, Stefanie Lindstaedt

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Image-Based Technique To Select Visually Salient Pages In Large Documents
Fabrice Matulic
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Smart Electronic Visitor Information Management System with Biometric Verification

        A. Noraziah, M.N. Noorhuzaimi, S. Junaida
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Conference Notification
324 International Conference on Integrated Intelligent Computing (ICIIC 2010)
325 Second International Conference on Networked Digital Technologies (NDT 2010)

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